Liberty Asics Nationals Wrestling Results - 2005

6 & Under

- 6 & Under -

6 & Under - 35 lbs
Lance Peltier KS 1st
Jett Merlo MO 2nd
Alisha Howk MO 3rd


6 & Under - 40 lbs
Boo Dryden KS 1st
Anthony Mosser IN 2nd
Tyler Dieringer WI 3rd
Sheldon Collings MO 4th
Timothy Dryden KS 5th
Noah Endreshak KS 6th


6 & Under - 45 lbs
Jackson Huffman CO 1st
Quincy Reece NE 2nd
Tyler Price KS 3rd
Gunner Hudson MO 4th
Treytan White IA 5th
Kareem Askew NJ 6th


6 & Under - 50 lbs
Bronte Staugaard MO 1st
Brandon Miekus KS 2nd
Micah Collier MO 3rd
Cory McCormick NY 4th
Dylan Ritz MO 5th
Zavier Butler IN 6th


6 & Under - 55 lbs
Blake Barth MO 1st
A. J. Jaffe IL 2nd
Brandon Musselman MO 3rd
Dakota Vance MO 4th
Ian Meyer MO 5th
Isreal Esteban MO 6th


6 & Under - 60 lbs
Jacob Brune MO 1st
Danny Stackle MO 2nd
Connor Olin NE 3rd
Nick Ellis MO 4th
Tyler Blankenship MO 5th
Hunter VanLue MO 6th


6 & Under - 65 lbs
Randy Menewether WI 1st
Chase Shiltz IA 2nd
Nicholas Boykin NY 3rd
John Blankenship MO 4th


6 & Under - 70 lbs (Not Pictured)
Jamiur Moore IA 1st


6 & Under - HWT
Chase Hilding NE 1st


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